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Athercare - Physical Therapy
Serving the San Francisco Bay Area for over 40 years!
Athercare is recognized and recommended by physicians and athletic coaches for those individuals with rehabilitation needs. Our strongest form of referral is “word of mouth” and we invite any of our prospective patients to ask us for a list of former patients who would be willing to describe their experience at recovery and return to activity through Athercare.

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Services For Patients and Athletes
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Pre-Surgery Conditioning:

For those patients awaiting surgery, research has shown that individuals who follow some sort of a pre-surgical regimen to strengthen muscles and increase range rebound from the impact of surgery much quicker and more efficiently than those who do nothing.

Post-Surgical Rehabilitation:
After surgery the most immediate concern is the elimination or reduction of pain.  Athercare has a variety of modalities such as the Low Level laser, Ultrasound, H-Wave and other forms of electrical stimulation to reduce the impact of surgical procedures on the sensory system. Various forms of cryo or cold therapy are used, such as Game Ready and Poly Gel to provide cold and compression so as to reduce swelling and dull pain.

Acute Injury Management and Rehabilitation:
Falling back on our Athletic Training roots Athercare is very familiar with the consequences of Acute injury management.  From football pad fitting to the utilization of Rocktape and Deni-Ban to relieve stress and promote lymphatic drainage with muscle injuries, we stand ready to offer the finest care and ideas on acute injury management and rehabilitation.

ASTYM (Augmented Soft Tissue Mobilization) - Certified Practitioner:
A technique utilizing specialized, patented tools to break down scar tissue and adhesions in both acute and chronic injuries. This helps to reproduce the initial inflammatory state and to establish a pattern of healing that leads to pain free function of musculoskeletal tissue.

Low Level Laser  - Certified Practitioner:
Having researched the merits and use of LLL in Physical Therapy, Athercare is proud to be able to offer the Laser treatments to their patients and clients. Used for pain management, inflammation and lymphatic drainage among other possibilities the laser is a valuable adjunct to our services.

ATM2 Treatment for Low Back Injuries  - Certified Practitioner:
A vertical treatment table designed to stabilize the pelvis so as to allow the development of deep core muscle spinal stabilizers.  The ATM2 is an ideal device for dealing with spondylolisthesis, acuter spasm in the hip flexors and increasing length in the hamstrings.

Athercare is dedicated to “state of the art” technology and approaches to improving delivery of physical therapy services to a variety of customers. Our guarantee is to never let a possible solution to complex health questions slip by without appropriate questions being considered when it comes to the clients’ rapid recovery.

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